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Photograph by Richard Trummer

A.Misk Photography specializes in multiple areas of photography and video production including: editorial, commercial, fashion, photojournalism, documentary, pet and boundary-pushing art. Our goal for every shoot is to embody innovation, artistry and your personalized vision to the highest standard. We are committed to sitting down with each client to provide insight and fulfill their vision through creative camera techniques. With artistry as the main focus, we pride ourselves on our dedication to being environmentally and socio-politically conscious including conservation and wildlife photography, video and financial support.

Hey there, I’m Abbey Miskimen,


I’m an aspiring conservation photographer who also specializes in editorial, pet, video and commercial photography. What is most important to me is how my photography can represent the specific qualities of you or your brand. Whether you are interested in something that speaks to your uniqueness, or you want to push the boundaries of conventional photography, you have come to the right photographer. I am a graduate  

of the Photography Program at Madison Area Technical College. As a creative, I have been featured in the Yahara Journal and also won ‘Best Photography’ in a gallery show. 


I am infinitely inspired by the world around us from the mundanity of life to the complexities of society. They fuel my drive to enhance the perspective that you set out for me as a client.

Where did this all start, when did I become interested in photography? Well originally, when I was young, I wanted to be an artist or a cat farmer, but let’s just not talk about that career choice. I always had larger than life ideas and I could never emphasize them using just traditional art which frustrated me. I couldn’t express point of view completely until I found photography. Before I upgraded to professional gear, my chosen tool was a dingy point in shoot camera with a crooked lens. That was until my dad gave me his film lenses and a new Sony camera. My dad has been my inspiration and drive towards this career path as he wanted to be a nature photographer. I feel the combined drive of him and me when I am in the serenity of nature.


A.Misk Photography is based in Lodi, Wisconsin. In Lodi, I live with the converging forces of a cat named Jazpurr and many plants

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